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Left Fist

Read This!

Hi Comrade :)

Oh man, I am so very excited to be hand-making your order. Here's a bit about my process:

Soooo, I'm not a factory. There is no way I could be Amazon. Not even a little bit. I'm your partner in the revolution against fascism and capitalism. I much prefer that role over any other possible role. Because I like you. And I like fighting along with you, shoulder to shoulder. 

I'm not here to make money. In 2023 I started taking a very (VERY!) small salary, but most of this labor is donated.

Why? Whoa, that's so kind of you to ask. Did you read How to Win Friends and Influence People? You're a natural at this. 

Anyway, why: I started The Left Fist because I couldn't find the kind of proletariat-agitating propaganda I wanted to slap up, pin, and wear. So, as a maker, I started making my own. And then I wanted to share it with anyone else looking for the same. Since the very inception, I wanted to use proceeds to fund antifascist actions, bail support, and mutual aid. 

Turnaround time: I make all stickers and pins in a two to-three week cycle. That means you can expect your order to ship anytime from immediately to three weeks exactly from the order date. While I totally understand your excitement, trust that emailing a check-in on your order before that time is up is not going to make appear it any faster. In fact, it slows me down and eats up donated labor time. It's best to go ahead and expect a 3-week turnaround. Leave me room to delight you with an earlier delivery :)

I ship all pins and stickers first class. Otherwise each shipment would be $12+ to ship. But, heads up! First class doesn’t have customer-facing tracking numbers. When you get a shipped notification from Left Fist, trust that it’s on its way and will be there very soon!

Clothing has a turnaround time of ten days maximum, usually less (unless a certain size/color/design is totally out, but that is extremely rare and corrected usually within those ten days). Clothing is always shipped before and separate from pins and stickers. 

In addition to agitating the proletariat (and paying a leftist laborer), every order helps fund antifascist direct actions, bail support, and mutual aid. You partner with me to make the world a better place. 

Thank you for looking, ordering, and sharing :)

(With consent) XOXO,

the only one here